Permission is complex and ambiguous without a provided context.

Permission generally as merriam-webster provides, Permission is:

Our Definition#

We distinguish between a Privilege and a Permission

Permission is a component of Authorization which has the following Three Components, two of which are required:

Authorization is when a Trustor grants a Permission to a Trustee to perform a privilege against a Target Resource

Permission Conflicts#

Permission conflicts (or Privilege Conflicts) are common issues encountered.

Positive Permission and Negative Permission #

Generally for most technical concepts, Permissions are either positive or negative.


  • Positive Permissions express what CAN be done
  • Negative Permissions express what CANNOT be done.

Negative Permission#

Access to the Target Resource is denied unless the Permission is granted.

Access Control#

Access Control is the process of determining whether a Permission or Privilege has been Authorized by a Trustor to a Trustee.

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