Placement Policy Set


Placement Policy Set or (PP) determines where new objects are placed and what they are named in the Identity Vault and the connected application.

The Placement Policy Set is applied ONLY to <add> events and serves to generate a name for a new object and to generate a placement in the target object hierarchy The Subscriber Channel and Publisher Channel which usually have different Placement Polices.

The Placement Policy Set is executed after the Creation Policy Set and before the Command Transformation Policy Set. Note that the Placement Policy Set will not be executed if the Create Policy vetoes the <add> event.

A Placement Policy Set is required within the Publisher Flow if you want object creation to occur in the IDV the and the Placement Policy Set uses the Policy Set Interval Value of 13.

A Placement Policy Set might not be necessary on the Subscriber Flow even if you want object creations to occur in the connected application, depending on the nature of the destination data store. The Subscriber Flow Placement Policy Set uses the Policy Set Interval Value of 12.

For example, no Placement Policy Set is needed when synchronizing to a relational database because rows in relational database tables do not have a location or a name.

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