Post-filter Association Processor

The Post-filter Association Processor only exists on the Publisher Channel and receives events from the Sync & Ignore Publisher Filter.

Depending on certain criteria the Post-filter Association Processor will take one of the following actions:

  • allow the event through untouched
  • convert the event to an <add> event (Synthetic Add) and send the event to the Matching Policy Set
  • send the event to the Merge Processor
  • veto the event as an unassociated event - As when no association can be determined and the event is a modify.

The Synthetic Add Process on the Publisher channel happens in the Post-filter Association Processor.

Synthetic Add Process#

A Synthetic Add is triggered by:
  • <modify> event without an association value on the eDirectory object
  • <sync> event without an association value on the eDirectory object

The Synthetic Add Process query back to the source data store for all attributes listed in the driver filter for the current object's class.

The Synthetic Add process then builds an <add> document with those attribute values and discards the original <modify> or <sync> event.

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