Postal Address_LDAPSyntax


Postal Address_LDAPSyntax is a LDAPSyntaxes (OID defined in RFC 2252

Values in this syntax are encoded according to the following BNF:

postal-address = dstring *( "$" dstring )

In the above, each dstring component of a postal address value is encoded as a value of type Directory String syntax. Backslashes and dollar characters, if they occur in the component, are quoted as described in section 4.3.

Many LDAP Server Implementations limit the postal address to six lines of up to thirty characters.

Postal Address_LDAPSyntax Example:#

1234 Main St.$Anytown, CA 12345$USA
\241,000,000 Sweepstakes$PO Box 1000000$Anytown, CA 12345$USA

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