Provide LDAP and Development Consulting #

Provide LDAP and development consulting for Internet access appliance provider to enable and improve their products ability to utilize existing LDAP data stores for their clients.

Provisioning Services Design#

Provided consulting services for a Municipal utility organization for provisioning their employees to the multiple applications and platforms.

Identity Management Design And Implementation Architect #

Identity management design and Implementation Architect for Palm Beach County, one of the five largest counties in the U.S, including provisioning to heterogeneous environment. Design allowed consistent-sign-on for users of client’s 200 Oracle Database instances to use the same credentials as used for the client’s Edirectory/LDAP, email, WEB Services and Active Directory service. (See: http://www.novell.com./news/press/item.jsp?id=1258)

Process Improvement For Application Service Provider (ASP)#

A financial services organization that provides financial services for Financial Organizations and organizations utilized our experience to re-design and simplify their management and presentation of applications presented to their clients. Project involved architecture of system provisioning of resources to clients and Reduced Sign On making use of SPML and SAML.

PAM/NSS Design For LDAP Implementation#

PAM/NSS Design For LDAP Implementation Connecting 700 Solaris/Linux boxes so users would be authenticated via the corporate LDAP servers for large Financial Organization.

Design of Global LDAP infrastructure#

Design of Global LDAP infrastructure for two large Financial Organizations that merged. Technical project lead to combine LDAP infrastructures for international financial firm with more than 170,000 employees.

Development of "LDAPMonitor" #

LDAPMonitor, a Java application to monitor LDAP servers with integration into enterprise alerting infrastructures.

Design of Enterprise Identity Management Architecture#

Design of Enterprise Identity Management Architecture for one of the largest Insurance carriers. Phase one of project involved detailing requirements from client, design of integration methodology for services with multiple applications and platforms, creating Request for Proposal and selection criteria for LDAP server vendor selection.
Phase Two involved implementation and integration using DirXML with PeopleSoft, Oracle via JDBC driver, iPlanet via LDAP driver, Active Directory including Password sync, Oracle's Internet Directory and Lotus Notes.

Design Directory Architecture#

Design Directory Architecture for Enterprise LDAP Directory Solution for one of Silicon Valley’s "well known" Companies.

Developed Programs for Securely#

Developed Programs for Securely presenting Information from SQL Databases to WEB Clients and Integrated Voice Response Systems.

TCP/IP Problem resolution#

TCP/IP Problem resolution on large network for Financial Organization Firm involving IBM Mainframe connectivity to several 100 branch offices and ATMs

Network Problem resolution#

Network Problem resolution for large Mail order Catalog Company experiencing poor connectivity to remote 450-seat call center.

Problem resolution and re-design#

Problem resolution and re-design of Large Ohio County's LAN/WAN Network involving more than 30 Windows NT servers, 4 Novell servers, IBM Mainframe, 3 Unix machines, 4 AS/400s.

Design and Implementation of secure Private Frame Relay#

Design and Implementation of secure Private Frame Relay network, VPN to some remote sites and dial-in Clients with T1 to Internet. Design certified by Big Six accounting firm security audit.

Member of Transition Team for transforming more than 700 routers/switches#

Member of Transition Team for transforming more than 700 routers/switches from Company managed WAN to a third-party service provider