PseudoServer with eDirectory and NDS, is used to cache the NcpServer object for immediate access and to reduce bandwidth over the network

PseudoServer Object exists on each NcpServer which is NOT Replicated. The purpose is to maintain server specific information including a "pointer" to the NcpServer object. Additionally, the PseudoServer is maintained even when the NcpServer has no Edirectory Replicas

PseudoServer object allows a given NcpServer to maintain information about all the other NcpServers on the network from a local perspective.
PseudoServer object contains information such as the server's real name, Private Key (for authentication), and pertinent cached information. Using the PseudoServer object(s), the Agent can get all server(s) information without having to request the information from the actual server(s)."

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