Qiy Foundation


Putting the customer back in control of his personal data while creating value for organizations

Qiy Foundation is established to improve the position of individuals when it comes to the management of one's own personal data towards companies and governments.

The Qiy Trust Framework offers a solution for the growing fragmentation of one's collection of personal data, by organizing trusted access to all one's sources of personal data. These sources range from government and businesses to own repositories for use (on an active consent basis) within organizations. The individual allows participating parties access to his/her personal data through the Qiy Trust Framework

Qiy Foundation is an attempt at a Life Management Platform


Become a member of Qiy Foundation and be part of a significant change in the digital world and contribute with your expertise and yearly membership fee. As an organisation you can also become a member of the Coalition of the Willing and help the New Internet gain momentum.

However, as there the "Membership" is $1,600/year, I do not think this will get enough traction to be useful even though they may be able to influence the conversations.

Other information#

Maarten Louman, co-founder or Qiy Foundation has a few videos that primarily do promotion talks on Qiy Foundation ideas.

Qiy Foundation was a "spin-off" from "Digitalme" https://digital-me.nl/.

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