Rap Back


Rap Back is a Next Generation Identification service within Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that allows authorized agencies submit the civil Fingerprints of employment applicants, licensees, and other individuals in positions of public trust on a periodic basis to determine if the individuals have engaged in Criminal action that would prohibit the holding of such positions or licenses.

Some examples of these positions or licenses would be in the Educational Entity, Financial Institution, security, and HealthCare professions. With implementation of Next Generation Identification, the authorized agencies may choose to submit the civil fingerprints for retention and subscription into the Rap Back Service. This will result in an ongoing review or continuous evaluation of the criminal history status of each individual as long as the individual remains in a position of "trust". In other words, rather than authorized agencies resubmitting civil fingerprints for periodic background checks, the civil Fingerprints will be retained and searched for as long as the individuals are appropriately subscribed to the Rap Back Service.

Rap Back provides for a continuous vetting of the person’s suitability for his/her position of trust by providing timely notification to the authorized agency should the individual be arrested or if there is other subsequent Criminal action associated with that Digital Identity record in NGI, such as warrant or sex offender updates.

Rap Back subscriptions may only be established by a Government Entity or a Non-governmental Organization entity that has been authorized by United States federal government statute, President of the United States of America Executive order, or US State statute approved by the United States Attorney General, to receive Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) for noncriminal justice purposes and assigned an originating agency identifier (ORI) by the FBI CJIS Division

Rap Back appears to be closely related to Repository for Individuals of Special Concern


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