Inserts the latest changes in order.

Parameters: #

  • since=n : show changes from the last n days.
  • format=(full|compact) : if "full", then display a long version with all possible info. If "compact", then be as compact as possible.


The following example inserts the changes from the past 2 days in a full format.
[{INSERT RecentChangesPlugin since=2, format=full}]

And here they are:

Here is the same list in compact format:

Design Requests#

1) customizable formats#

The date and time formats are hard-coded in the following lines in the plugin.
            SimpleDateFormat fmt  = new SimpleDateFormat( "dd.MM.yyyy" );
            SimpleDateFormat tfmt = new SimpleDateFormat( "HH:mm:ss" );
The request is to have the formats be customizable, either via parameters to the plugin or via global properties.

2) Another request: zebratable view#

Recent changes is one of the most important tools for users, and its display is very poor and cannot be customized. I would like to be able to change it to a zebratable with minimal space between table rows (currently huge table spacing is applied). -- Also the note above "lines in the plugin" is unclear to me -- where can I change the plugin lines? I searched the entire folder with the JSPWiki installation and cannot find these lines. -- Gregor Hagedorn, 24.8.2005

3) Specify pages#

what about a parameter 'page' to specify one or more pages that we would like to see the recent changes. This is somewhow a watch page list. --Adler

In the same idea, is it possible to filter the result for one user (or wiki group)? This is somehow a egocentric plugin “recent changes made by UserABC” -- Patrick A. (like anonymous)

4) Limit#

parameter to limit the number of results --Adler

5) Watch List#

what about defining a page with links to all pages you want to follow up / watch. Then this plugin, RecentChangesPlugin, could look into that page you defined and display only a list of the recent changes of those pages. Example:

* My watch list
[{RecentChangesPlugin since=2, watchlist='MyWatchPage'}]
that would display something like (assuming that only 1 page was changed within 1 day)

* My watch list
[linkToPage1] 	20:25:46 	Author Name


5) Default value#

should be there a default value? and if since=all, it should display for ever... This default value could be definied in the jspwiki.properties


since=all would just display every edit for every page, which is out of scope for a "Recent Changes" plugin


I started using JSPlugin to generate the contents of RecentChanges in table format - which you can wrap in the sortable and table-filter wiki markup.
See JSPluginRecentChangesExample for details. --Nascif Abousalh-Neto, 25-Aug-2006
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