Red Hat Directory Server

Some how related to the 389 Directory Server but put up as a commercial product with support.

Red Hat Directory Server is an LDAP-based server that centralizes application settings, user profiles, group data, policies, and access control information into an operating system-independent, network-based registry. Forming the central repository for an Identity Management infrastructure, Red Hat Directory Server simplifies user management, eliminating data redundancy and automating data maintenance. It also improves security, by storing policies and access control information, Red Hat Directory Server creates a single authentication source across entire enterprise for both intranet and extranet applications.

RedHat acquired the NetScape code when RedHat purchased Netscape Server products in 2004-03. This as were others were derived from the original University of Michigan SLAPD project. In 1996 the original developers of slapd became Netscape employees and developed as Netscape Directory Server and AOL Enterprise Server Groups.

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