Reflection Style

Image with reflection effect.#


This JSPWikiStyle allows you to insert images with reflection effect. It is totally useless, but great fun.

Simply add a %%reflection style around your images. The reflection of the image appears below the image, and will fade into the background colour...

renders as:

Reality check:


Put a %%reflection ... /% around your pictures to add a reflection image at the bottom. General format is :

   ..your images..
  • height : 1..100. Optional height value of the reflection image, in percent of the height of the reflected image (default = 30%)
  • opacity : 1..100. Optional opacity or transparency value of the reflection image (default = 50%, 100 means not transparent)

Reality check :

The Reflection Style is based on client-side javascript, inspired by the great Reflection.js library at http://cow.neondragon.net/stuff/reflection/, adapted for mootools by Christophe Beyls (http://www.digitalia.be, MIT license), and refactored for jspwiki.

The javascript contains browser specific code for IE and non-IE, and may not operate well on older browser. It does not work in Safari < 2, Opera < 9 and Firefox < 1.5. However, it gracefully degrades and leaves you page perfectly readable.