Do this FIRST#

  1. Stop any monitoring scripts in CRON as shown at CRON.
  2. From the interactive eDirectory install menu, select option #3, then option #3:
  3. Insert/Remove server from eDirectory tree 3 - Remove this server from the TREE
  4. Follow the prompts.

Warning This Option Will Destroy NDS#

This will remove the NDS from this server.

You may want to backup the DIB and log files first and place them safe place. Is reccomended that a you do a Full Backup before performing this function. Then copy the gz file to a safe place, not in /var/nds.

It will also:

  • Delete all /var/nds/*.log files
  • Delete /etc/nds.conf file (So you can't even start nds)
  • Delete /etc/hosts.nds (so it you reinstall it re-builds this file)
  • If you answer yse to "Remove All packages and files associated with any version of eDirectory or the Related Products?"
    • WARNING SCRUBS all Novell Scripts, packages, DIBs from the server. Will also remove the /var/nds/dib directory

Do This After#

If this was a multi-server tree, the LDAP Group, SAS, and KMO objects from the removed server will remain. Use ConsoleOne to carefully delete those objects.

WARNING Be sure you have a connection with iManager or ConsoleOne to a server you are not removing from the tree.

Take care not to delete LDAP Group, SAS, or KMO objects from remaining servers.

Modify hosts.nds#

Since we have removed a server form the tree, we need to modify the /etc/hosts.nds file on each remaining server, removing any entires for the removed server.

Modify CRON Jobs#

On the removed server use crontab -e to remove all "active" entries from CRON.

Edirectory Automation Scripts#

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