Resource Inventory Service


Resource Inventory Service (is a pseudo component of BeyondCorp) is a Policy Information Point that can provide an enumeration of all the Protected Resources (applications, Endpoints, services, and Environments) that are subject to Access Control.

Resource Inventory Service Entities might include anything from online knowledge bases, to financial databases, to Link Layer connectivity, to lab networks. Each resource is associated with a minimum Trust Tier required for access.

Resource Inventory Service requires that Data Classification be performed to determine which Trust Tier a given Resource would be a placed.

Resource Inventory Service Entities are accessed only by Gateways such as:

These Gateway devices are Policy Enforcement Points (PEP) which make Authorization decisions based on the Trust Tier which is determined by the Trust Inferer

Resource Inventory Service is for known devices of the Device Inventory Service and only after the Device has been evaluated by the Trust Inferer. Ldapwiki has only sen this referenced as a Resource enumeration.



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