Response Mode (Response_mode) is an OPTIONAL OAuth Authorization Request parameter that informs the Authorization Server of the mechanism to be used for returning Authorization Response parameters from the Authorization_endpoint.

The use of this parameter is NOT RECOMMENDED with a value that specifies the same Response Mode as the default Response Mode for the Response_type used.

This specification defines the following Response Modes, which are described with their Response_mode parameter values:

default Response_mode#

The default Response Mode is dependent on the response_type provided by the OAuth Client:
response_typedefault Response_mode

Form Post Response Mode#

The OAuth 2.0 Form Post Response Mode (form_post) for an example of a specification that defines an additional Response Mode. Note that it is expected that additional Response Modes may be defined by other specifications in the future, including possibly ones utilizing the HTML5 postMessage API and Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

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