Response_type (OAuth Authorization Endpoint Response Types) defined in Section 3.1.1 the Response_type is used in the Authorization Request

The OAuth Client informs the Authorization Server of the desired Grant Type using the following parameter: response_type REQUIRED. The value MUST be one of:

Extension response types MAY contain a space-delimited (%x20) list of values, where the order of values does not matter (e.g., response type "a b" is the same as "b a"). The meaning of such composite Response_type is defined by their respective specifications.

If an Authorization Request is missing the "response_type" parameter, or if the response_type is not understood, the Authorization Server MUST return an OAuth Error response as described in Section

Definitions of Multiple-Valued Response_type Combinations#

This section defines combinations of the values code, token, and id_token, which are each individually registered Response Types:

For all these Response_type, the request MAY include a state parameter, and if so, the Authorization Server MUST echo its value as a response parameter when issuing either a successful response or an error response

OAuth Authorization Endpoint Response Types Registry#

Response_type values should be in the OAuth Authorization Endpoint Response Types Registry

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