The SAFE-BioPharma® Digital Identity and Signature Standard was started by the biopharmaceutical industry to speed its transformation to a fully electronic environment. It is the sole global identity and signature standard serving the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Every SAFE-BioPharma Digital Identity is uniquely linked to the subscriber’s proven identity.

Using the SAFE-BioPharma standard...

SAFE-BioPharma digital signatures are more secure and useful than simple electronic signatures…

  • ensure a single, unique identity is tightly bound to the digital signature
  • provide document integrity – any change in the document invalidates the signature
  • include contract-based legal framework for global legal enforceability
  • recognized by FDA and EMA
  • legally enforceable, Non-Repudiation, instantly auditable
  • create a permanent record of the date and time the signature was applied
  • valid for the life of the document
  • compatible with electronic workflows

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