SASL Mechanisms


The Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) RFC 4422 is an Authentication Method for adding authentication support to connection-based protocols.

To use the Simple Authentication and Security Layer specification, a protocol includes a command for identifying and authenticating a user to a server and for optionally negotiating a security layer for subsequent protocol interactions. The command has a required argument identifying a SASL Mechanisms.

SASL Mechanisms are named by strings, from 1 to 20 characters in length, consisting of upper-case letters, digits, hyphens, and/or underscores. SASL Mechanisms names must be registered with the IANA Registry Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Mechanisms.

Procedures for registering new SASL mechanisms are described in RFC 4422.

SASL Mechanisms names starting with "GS2-" are reserved for SASL Mechanisms which conform to RFC 5801.

Registration procedures for SASL mechanism names starting with "SCRAM-" are defined in RFC 7677.

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