Novell has failed or decided not to document this attribute

attributeTypes	( 2.16.840.1.113719. NAME 'sASLoginSecret' SYNTAX{64512} X-NDS_NAME 'SAS:Login Secret' X-NDS_SERVER_READ '1' )

The syntax is of octet String and it appears to be with a format of the question is in the first part and the answer is encrypted in the second part.

Each challenge along with the encrypted response, is stored within a value of the SASLoginSecret. If there are five total questions then there will be five values of the SASLoginSecret on the user entry.

We are assuming that this is

  • Login Secret Data - Secret user authentication data that can only be written through the MMG (Method Management Functions) or with the MAF_PutAttribute function. However, secret data can only be read by the LSM through the MAF_GetAttribute function.

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