SCIM Base Schema


SCIM Base Schema (RFC 7643 Section 6 refers to this as the ResourceType Schema) specifies the metadata about a resource type.

Resource type resources are READ-ONLY and identified using the following schema URI:

Unlike other core resources, all attributes are REQUIRED unless otherwise specified. The "id" attribute is OPTIONAL for the resource type resource.

The following singular attributes are defined:

  • id - OPTIONAL The resource type's server unique id. This is often the same value as the "name" attribute.
  • name - REQUIRED The resource type name. When applicable, service providers MUST specify the name, e.g., "User" or "Group". This name is referenced by the SCIM meta.ResourceType attribute in all resources.
  • description - OPTIONAL The resource type's human-readable description. When applicable, SCIM Service Provider MUST specify the description
  • endpoint - REQUIRED The resource type's HTTP-addressable endpoint relative to the Base URL of the SCIM Service Provider, e.g., "Users".
  • schema - REQUIRED The resource type's SCIM Base Schema URI, e.g., "urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:core:2.0:User". This MUST be equal to the "id" attribute of the associated "Schema" resource.
  • schemaExtensions - OPTIONAL A list of URIs of the resource type's schema extensions.

In order to determine which URI value in the "schemas" attribute is the SCIM Base Schema and which is a SCIM schemaExtensions for any given SCIM Resource, the resource's SCIM meta.ResourceType attribute value MAY be used to retrieve the SCIM Base Schema's "ResourceType" SCIM Base Schema.

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