SCIM Common Attribute


SCIM Common Attribute MUST_ be included on all resources and are used to provide a reference identifier for the SCIM Resource as well as information about the SCIM Resource

SCIM Common Attribute is defined for each SCIM Resource (SCIM Users, SCIM Groups, etc.).

With the exception of the "ServiceProviderConfig" and "ResourceType" server discovery endpoints and their associated resources, these attributes MUST be defined for all SCIM Resources, including any extended SCIM Resource types.

When accepted by a SCIM Service Provider (e.g., after a SCIM Create Request), the attributes "id" and "meta" (and its associated sub-attributes) MUST be assigned values by the SCIM Service Provider.

SCIM Common Attribute are considered to be part of every base resource schema and do not use their own "schemas" URI.

For backward compatibility, some existing SCIM schema definitions MAY list common attributes as part of the SCIM Schema. The attribute characteristics (see RFC 7643 Section 2.2) listed here SHALL take precedence over older definitions that may be included in existing schemas.

AttributeAvailabilityParent AttributeAttribute Data TypeDescription
idREQUIRED(top)StringUnique identifier for the resource as defined by the Service Provider
externalIdREQUIRED(top)StringIdentifier for the resource as defined by the SCIM Consumer (i.e. a local identifier or customerId in an application)
metaREQUIRED(top)Complex AttributeThe resources metadata, the "meta" complex attribute may consist of the following attributes:
created metaDateTimeWhen the resource was created
lastModified metaDateTimeWhen the resource was last modified (if the resource has not been modified since creation, this value will be the same as the created attribute)
location metaStringThe direct URI of the resource. You can use this URI to directly manage a resource rather than searching for it and then modifying.
version metaString(if supported). The version of the resource being returned.
attributes metaString (multi-valued)(if supported). Contains the list of attributes to remove during a SCIM Update Request.

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