SCIM Extended Attributes


SCIM Extended Attributes are specified by the SCIM Resource's resource type "schemaExtensions" attribute (see Section 6 RFC 7643).

Unlike SCIM Core Attributes, SCIM Extended Attributes are kept in their own sub-attribute namespace identified by the schema extension URI. This avoids attribute name conflicts that may arise due to conflicts from separate schema extensions.

The following example "User" contains the SCIM Common Attributes "id" and "externalId", as well as the complex attribute "meta", which contains the sub-attribute "resourceType". The resource also contains core attributes "userName" and "name", as well as SCIM Extended Attributes enterprise User attributes "employeeNumber" and "costCenter", which are contained in their own JSON substructure identified by their schema URI.

Some values have been omitted (...), shortened, or spaced out for clarity.


  "id": "2819c223-7f76-453a-413861904646",
  "externalId": "701984",

  "userName": "bjensen@example.com",
  "name": {
    "formatted": "Ms. Barbara J Jensen, III",
    "familyName": "Jensen",
    "givenName": "Barbara",
    "middleName": "Jane",
    "honorificPrefix": "Ms.",
    "honorificSuffix": "III"

  "urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:2.0:User": {
    "employeeNumber": "701984",
    "costCenter": "4130",

  "meta": {
    "resourceType": "User",
    "created": "2010-01-23T04:56:22Z",
    "lastModified": "2011-05-13T04:42:34Z",
    "version": "W\/\"3694e05e9dff591\"",

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