SCIM Pagination


SCIM Pagination parameters can be used together to "page through" large numbers of SCIM Resources so as not to overwhelm the SCIM Client or SCIM Service Provider.

SCIM Pagination is not session based hence Consumers SHOULD never assume repeatable results. For example, a request for a list of 10 Resources beginning with a startIndex of 1 may return different results when repeated as a Resource in the original result could be deleted or new ones could be added in-between requests. Pagination parameters and general behavior are derived from the OpenSearch Protocol.

The following table describes the URL pagination parameters.

startIndexThe 1-based index of the first search result.1
countNon-negative Integer. Specifies the desired maximum number of search results per page; e.g., 10.None. When specified the Service Provider MUST not return more results than specified though MAY return fewer results. If unspecified, the maximum number of results is set by the Service Provider.

The following table describes the query response pagination attributes specified by the SCIM Service Provider.

itemsPerPageNon-negative Integer. Specifies the number of search results returned in a query response page; e.g., 10.
totalResultsNon-negative Integer. Specifies the total number of results matching the Consumer query; e.g., 1000.
startIndexThe 1-based index of the first result in the current set of search results; e.g., 1.

SCIM Pagination Example#

For example, to retrieve the first 10 Users set the startIndex to 1 and the count to 10.
GET /Users?startIndex=1&count=10
Host: example.com
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer h480djs93hd8
Given the example above, to continue paging set the startIndex to 11 and re-fetch; i.e., /Users?startIndex=11&count=10

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