SCIM Query parameters


SCIM Query parameters is described in RFC 7644 Section 3.4.2, such as SCIM Filtering, SCIM Sorting, and SCIM Pagination.

The SCIM Protocol defines a standard set of query parameters that can be used to filter, sort, and paginate to return zero or more SCIM Resources in a query response.

Queries MAY be made against a single resource or a SCIM Resource type endpoint (e.g., "/Users"), or the service provider Base URI.

SCIM Service Providers MAY support additional SCIM Query parameters not specified in RFC 7644 and SHOULD ignore any SCIM Query parameters they do not recognize instead of rejecting the query for versioning compatibility reasons.

Responses MUST be identified using the following URI:

The following attributes are defined for responses:
totalResultsREQUIREDThe total number of results returned by the list or query operation. The value may be larger than the number of resources returned, such as when returning a single page of results where multiple pages are available.
ResourcesREQUIREDA multi-valued list of complex objects containing the requested resources. This MAY be a subset of the full set of resources if SCIM Pagination is requested.
startIndexREQUIREDThe 1-based index of the first result in the current set of list results. REQUIRED when partial results are returned due to SCIM Pagination.
itemsPerPageREQUIREDThe number of resources returned in a list response page. REQUIRED when partial results are returned due to SCIM Pagination

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