SCIM Schemas Attribute


SCIM Schemas Attribute is REQUIRED and part of the SCIM Core Schema and is an array of Strings containing URIs that are used to indicate the namespaces of the SCIM Schemas that define the attributes present in the current JSON structure.

SCIM Schemas Attribute may be used by parsers to define the attributes present in the JSON structure that is the body to an HTTP request or response.

Each String value must be a unique URI.

All representations of SCIM Schemas MUST include a non-empty array with value(s) of the URIs supported by that representation. The SCIM Schemas Attribute for a SCIM Resource MUST only contain values defined as "schema" and "schemaExtensions" for the resource's defined "resourceType".

Duplicate values MUST NOT be included.

Value order is not specified and MUST NOT impact behavior.

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