SCIM Sorting


SCIM Sorting allows SCIM Clients to specify the order in which SCIM Resource are returned by specifying a combination of sortBy and sortOrder URL parameters.



The sortBy parameter specifies the attribute whose value SHALL be used to order the returned responses.

If the sortBy attribute corresponds to a:

  • Singular Attribute, SCIM Resources are sorted according to that attribute's value;
  • if it's a Multi-valued Attribute, SCIM Resources are sorted by the value of the primary attribute, if any, or else the first value in the list, if any.
  • If the attribute is complex the attribute name must be a path to a Sub-Attribute in standard attribute notation ;
    • e.g., sortBy=name.givenName.
  • For all attribute types, if there is no data for the specified sortBy value they are sorted via the 'sortOrder' parameter; i.e., they are ordered last if ascending and first if descending.


The order in which the sortBy parameter is applied. Allowed values are "ascending" and "descending".

If a value for sortBy is provided and no sortOrder is specified, the sortOrder SHALL default to ascending. String type attributes are case-insensitive by default unless the attribute type is defined as a caseExact string.

sortOrder MUST sort according to the attribute type; i.e., for caseIgnore attributes, sort the result using case insensitive, Unicode alphabetic sort order, with no specific locale implied and for caseExact attribute types, sort the result using case-sensitive, Unicode alphabetic sort order.

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