SCIM externalId


SCIM externalId is a String that is an identifier for the SCIM Resource as defined by the PROVISIONING SCIM Client.

The SCIM externalId may simplify identification of the SCIM Resource between PROVISIONING client and SCIM Service Provider by allowing SCIM Clients to use SCIM Filtering to locate the SCIM Resource with AN IDENTIFIER FROM THE PROVISIONING DOMAIN, obviating the need to store a local mapping between the PROVISIONING DOMAIN'S identifier of the SCIM Resource and the identifier used by the SCIM Service Provider.

Each SCIM Resource MAY include a SINGLE-VALUE non-empty "SCIM externalId" value.

The value of the "SCIM externalId" attribute is always issued by the PROVISONING SCIM Client and MUST NOT be specified by the SCIM Service Provider.

The SCIM Service Provider MUST always interpret the SCIM externalId as scoped to the SCIM Client's tenant.

While the SCIM Service Provider does not enforce uniqueness, it is assumed that the value's uniqueness is controlled by the SCIM Client setting the value.

See RFC 7643 Section 9 for additional considerations regarding privacy.

SCIM externalId attribute has "caseExact" as "true" and a mutability of "readWrite".

SCIM externalId attribute is OPTIONAL.

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