SCIM id is Unique Identifier for a SCIM Resource as defined by the SCIM Service Provider.

Each representation of the SCIM Resource MUST include a non-empty "SCIM id" value.

SCIM id MUST be unique across the SCIM Service Provider's entire set of SCIM Resources.

SCIM id MUST be a stable, non-reassignable Unique Identifier that does not change when the same resource is returned in subsequent requests.

The value of the "SCIM id" attribute is always issued by the SCIM Service Provider and MUST NOT be specified by the SCIM Client.

The string "bulkId" is a reserved keyword and MUST NOT be used within any Unique Identifier value.

SCIM id attribute characteristics are:

  • "caseExact" as "true"
  • mutability of "readOnly"
  • "returned" characteristic of "always".

See RFC 7643 Section 9 for additional considerations regarding privacy.

Creation of SCIM id#

SCIM id is created ONLY by the SCIM Service Provider in the SCIM Create Response from a successful SCIM Create Request

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