SCIM meta


SCIM meta ("meta") is a SCIM Common Attribute.

SCIM meta is Complex Attribute containing resource metadata. All "meta" sub-attributes are assigned by the SCIM Service Provider have the following parameters:

  • "mutability" of "readOnly"
  • "returned" characteristic of "default".

SCIM meta attribute SHALL be ignored when provided by SCIM Clients.

SCIM meta contains the following sub-attributes:

  • resourceType - The name of the resource type of the resource. This attribute has a mutability of "readOnly" and "caseExact" as "true".
  • created - The "DateTime" that the resource was added to the SCIM Service Provider. This attribute MUST be a DateTime.
  • lastModified The most recent DateTime that the details of this resource were updated at the SCIM Service Provider. If this resource has never been modified since its initial creation, the value MUST be the same as the value of "created".
  • location The URI of the resource being returned. This value MUST be the same as the "Content-Location" HTTP Response Header (see Section of RFC 7231).
  • version The version of the resource being returned. This value must be the same as the entity-tag (Etag) HTTP Response Header (see Sections 2.1 and 2.3 of RFC 7232). This attribute has "caseExact" as "true". SCIM Service Provider support for this attribute is optional and subject to the SCIM Service Provider's support for versioning (see Section 3.14 of RFC 7644). If a SCIM Service Provider provides "version" (Etag) for a representation and the generation of that Etag does not satisfy all of the characteristics of a strong validator (see Section 2.1 of RFC 7232), then the origin server MUST mark the "version" (Etag]) as weak by prefixing its opaque value with "W/" (case-sensitive).

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