SDI Key is a NICISDI Key managed by the NICI Security Domain Infrastructure

SDI Key is a Private Key and should be protected even though it is pratialy Encrypted

SDI Key is:

NICI SDI (Security Domain Infrastructure) is an eDirectory service which provides and manages shared keys for all ncpServers within a NICI Security Domain. Access to SDI Keys is governed by a specific ACL (eDirectory Attribute). There is a specific set of rights and attributes that allow a server to create and distribute an SDI Key. A NcpServer with this set of rights and attributes is known as a Key server. There is a different set of permissions and attributes that allows a server to acquire keys from a Key server.

NICISDI can manage multiple keys of varying Cryptographic strengths and algorithms. Each SDI Key can have a different NICI Security Domain and is controlled by the eDirectory rights and attributes of the eDirectory object representing the SDI Key known as the WX Entries:

The SDI Keys are not intended for clients.

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