SDIDIAG allows an administrator to view and perform diagnostic functions for the Security Domain Infrastructure SDI Key(s) within a tree and to ensure that all NcpServers are synchronized with constant keys.

SDIDIAG is provided as SDIDIAG.NLM for NetWare and SDIDIAG.EXE which can be run from Microsoft Windows against any other platform.

Where to Find SDIDIAG#

Seems it is very difficult to find anything on Micro Focus site anymore so here is the last location we could find SDIDIAG:
SDIDiag 3.0

The page at the top shows: Restriction Status: Restricted but then at the bottom it says: Distribution Type: Public (So who knows)

There is also a RPM (sdidiag.x86_64.rpm) for Linux and sdidiag64.exe for Windows Server both require eDirectory binaries be installed on the local host.

SDIDiag is the Security Domain Infrastructure Diagnostic and repair utility. SDIDiag allows an administrator to view the various SDI Keys within a tree and to ensure that all servers are synchronized with constant keys.

By default SDIDiag 3.0 has been tested and works with eDirectory 9 and 8.8 SP8. For earlier versions of eDirectory and for 32-bit versions please find SDIdiag 2.2 also on the Patch site.

Example SDIDiag 3.0 #

In older versions the past you could change the port by: Server IP Addr (:port) :
SDIDiag 3.0 RPM (sdidiag.x86_64.rpm) we could not change the port to something other than 524.
SDIDiag, Security Domain Infrastructure Diagnostic Utility
Version 3.0 (Jan 29 2016)
Copyright (C) 2003-2013 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

Connect to IPv6 server? (y/n)  n

Server IPv4 Addr:
Server NCP port:     524 <<== CAN NOT CHANGE PORT IGNORE
User Name (Full DN): admin.novell

-- User Name:           admin.novell
-- Server IP Address:
-- Server NCP port:     524
Press 'n' to fix input data - or any other key to continue

SDIDIAG Switches#

SDIDIAG Switches shows some Some more details Examples.

More Information#

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