SLP For Linux And Solaris


This document is a work in progress... the configurations and approaches listed here are still very much in flux.


  • Multicast is not available in any way that would be useful to this infrastructure
  • All eDirectory servers will point to static DA's

Using OpenSLP with eDirectory documentation#

Novell's eDirectory 8.7.3 documentaton discusses integration with OpenSLP. A "Cool Solution" was recently published on this topic as well.

OpenSLP on the Network#

Outline for Enabling SLP in Enterprise Directory Infrastructure#

  • Need to run 2-4 SLPDA's. Prefer Linux (RPM attached(info) or latest from OpenSLP.org).
    Solaris provides binaries for Solaris 8(info) and 9(info). However, there seems to be interoperability issues, as this could not be successfully setup in the lab.
  • Need to define what /etc/slp.conf (Linux) /etc/inet/slp.conf (Solaris) should look like for DA servers; samples:
  • Need a standard /etc/slpuasa.conf deployed to all servers; sample:
  • Modify build to deploy the proper .conf file to each eDir server
  • Re-enable the /etc/rc2.d/S74uasaslp on all eDir servers -- so UA/SA starts up on system reboot
  • Check for services on next eDir restart; examples follow:

Check with Novell SLP (Linux and Solaris)#

# slpinfo -s "ndap.novell///"

# slpinfo -s "bindery.novell///"

Check with Linux OpenSLP#

# slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell 

# slptool findsrvs service:bindery.novell 

To direct the query to another DA or SA:

slptool unicastfindsrvs service:ndap.novell
slptool unicastfindsrvs service:bindery.novell

Here are some other useful slptool queries:

  • Lists discovered service agents. The current system should show up in the output.
slptool findsrvs service:service-agent
  • Lists discovered directory agents.
slptool findsrvs service:directory-agent


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