STORMBREW gathers data from core routers and was accessible to S2I, S2E, and SSG\NAC analysts via XKEYSCORE in less than 24 hours following the successful shaping tasking.

STORMBREW has a complementary large-scale DNI collection effort (covername PERFECTSTORM) that is just about ready for prime time (2003). As the large-scale effort was being developed, STORMBREW deployed several QRC (Quick Reaction Capability) collection systems that have yielded critical intelligence supporting the Global War on Terrorism.

STORMBREW engineers then worked with FAIRVIEW engineers to transfer this collection architecture to FAIRVIEW. Recently, FAIRVIEW identified the "other side" of one of the STORMBREW QRC links, and was able to use the same collection architecture to rapidly put this new link on cover. This type of complementary access provides the A&P; analysts with more complete coverage of their target.

In addition, STORMBREW and FAIRVIEW personnel worked side-by-side with CES personnel to add Voice over IP processing capabilities to both of these accesses to further exploit the targets' communications.


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