A STRUCTURAL ObjectClass is one of the primary ObjectClass Types.

A STRUCTURAL ObjectClass is special in that it defines the core type for any entry that contains it.

An ObjectClass defined for use in the STRUCTURAL specification of the DIT is termed a STRUCTURAL ObjectClass.

STRUCTURAL ObjectClass are used in the definition of the structure of the names of the objects for compliant LDAP Entry.

Every LDAP Entry is when created characterized by precisely one STRUCTURAL ObjectClass superclass chain which has a single STRUCTURAL ObjectClass as the most subordinate ObjectClass. This "primary" or "naming" objectClass can not be changed after the LDAP Entry is created.

The STRUCTURAL ObjectClass for an LDAP Entry may be used by other schema elements for defining constraints on directory data.

The STRUCTURAL ObjectClass may be used by a Name Form definition to control the attribute(s) used in the Relative Distinguished Name for the entry, and in turn by a DIT Structure Rule to control the types of parent entries that it may have.

The STRUCTURAL ObjectClass may also be used by a DIT Content Rule to control the set of AUXILIARY and required, allowed, and prohibited Attribute Types for the LDAP Entry.

STRUCTURAL ObjectClassCategory#

Microsoft Active Directory uses ObjectClassCategory to indicate the primary ObjectClass Types

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