Overview #

The SasUpdateLoginInfo[1] attribute is one of the Attributes that controls the updates of Login Attributes For eDirectory NMAS logins. Use the attribute to control the updates of login- related attributes for the following:
  • User
  • Container of the user
  • Partition root
  • LoginPolicy

If the attribute is set on the SASLoginPolicy object, the setting becomes effective after the next policy refresh cycle. If the attribute is not set for the User/Container/Partition root /SASLoginPolicy, the value set on a server via command line is used to maintain backward compatibility. The SasUpdateLoginInfo attribute can have the following values:

  • 0 or off: Do not update any login attributes.
  • 1: Only update attributes that are required by intruder detection.
  • 2: Update all login attributes except unused user password policy attributes.
  • 3 or on: Update all login attributes.
NOTE:The LoginTime attribute is not updated on consecutive successful logins during the interval. However, if there is a login failure during the interval followed by successful login, the Login Time attribute will be updated. The interval time from the successful login is counted.

The {$pagename}] attribute is effective only if the sasUpdateLoginInfo attribute value is set to 2 or 3.

You can set or manually edit the value of the sasUpdateLoginInfo attribute either via iManager or via an ldif file. For example:

#cat changesasUpdateLoginInfo.ldif 
dn: cn=user1,o=org 
changetype: modify 
replace: sasUpdateLoginInfo 
sasUpdateLoginInfo: 1 

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