Schannel SSP


Schannel SSP (Secure Channel or Schannel) is a Security Support Provider (SSP) as used in the Microsoft Windows through the Security Support Provider Interface that provide identity authentication and secure, private communication through encryption.

Schannel SSP is used for access to web-enabled services, such as mail or personal information served on Web pages.

Schannel SSP, which includes a suite of four authentication protocols, uses Public Key certificates to authenticate parties. When authenticating parties, Schannel SSP selects one of the four protocols in the following order of preference:

The protocol that is selected is the preferred authentication protocol that both parties can support. For example, if a server supports all four Schannel protocols and the client supports only SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0, the Schannel SSP will use SSL 3.0.

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