Schema Extensions


Schema Extensions are ways to Extend the LDAP Schema to add more functionality.

Generally, you should try to find existing Schema Extensions for what you wish to accomplish rather than going and modifying the LDAP Schema with custom Schema Extensions.

Creating Schema Extensions is as much an art as a science and we believe should be left to the more experienced.

Depending on your LDAP Server Implementation modifying the LDAP Schema could be irreversible.

Read our Standard Disclaimer. In short we nor anyone else who contributed information provided on this site is liable. It is all on YOU!

Please read the schema and be sure you know what you are attempting.

The two things we suggest you leave to the experts is DIT layout and Custom Schema Extensions


We prefer using LDIF files designed to update the schema on EDirectory server implementations. Most of these will import with, perhaps minor changes with most LDAP server implementations.


The Mozilla LDAP Address Book Schema AbzillaPerson

Schema for Linux User Management for iManager(info)#

If you want Linux User Management (LUM) and you do not use OES, this may help.


We originally developed with this schema Aaron Spangler when on a joint project at Nationwide Insurance and then given to the sudo project.

The schema has since been modified. The schema format supplied from Sudo is formated specific to OpenLDAP. Our version is more suitable for most LDAP Server implementations.

Our sudo LDAP Schema(info).

PAM NIS LDAP type RFC-2307 Schemas#

LDAP Schema for Intranet Mail Routing#

As near as I can determine this is typically being used, even though it appears that it expired.

RFC 4524 Cosine and Internet X.500 schema#

Contains LDAPv3 schema derived from X.500 COSINE "pilot" schema. As this schema was defined for X.500(89), some oddities were introduced in the mapping to LDAPv3. The mappings were based upon: draft-ietf-asid-ldapv3-attributes-03.txt.

An Application Object Schema#

We created An Application Object Schema for use in environments where there were a lot (1,000s) of applications using LDAP

Specific Industry Schema Extensions#

Solaris NIS Project Schema#

The Solaris NIS Project Schema.

RFC-3712 LDAP Printer Schema#

The RFC-3712 LDAP Printer Schema

Schema for Samba 3#

After you've installed the net/samba3 port you should find the schema file in: /usr/local/share/examples/samba/LDAP/samba.schema

Novell Secure Password Manager Schema Definitions#

Some information on Novell Secure Password Manager Schema Definitions.

Novell's Dirxml Schema Informtion#

Some information on Novell's Dirxml Schema Informtion.

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