Schema Sync


Schema Sync is an EDirectory Background Processes that is responsible for synchronizing the schema updates received by this NcpServer with other eDirectory NcpServers.

Updates to the schema are propagated from one server to another, similar to the way object changes are synchronized by the EDirectory Synchronization process.

The schema synchronization process does NOT use Replica List information to determine which servers receive schema updates. Schema updates are sent to the servers that contain replicas of a given NDS Partition and child partitions of the given partition.

Schema synchronization is based on replica depth. Replica depth indicates the depth of the highest (root-most) replica:

Schema can be synchronized with servers of the same replica depth and higher (schema flows down the tree).

All schema changes should be initiated at the NDS Master Replica of the NDS tree in order to ensure proper synchronization of the modifications.

The SchemaSyncList is the list of servers that receive schema synchronization from the local server.

Interval #

The schema synchronization process executes fifteen seconds after successful database initialization and then is rescheduled upon completion of schema synchronization to execute again at Nds.conf file parameter N4u.nds.heartbeat-schema.


Ndstrace also provides the ability to monitor Schema Synchronization directly.

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