Search Responses


Search Responses are rturned as a result of a Search Request in one of the three types of result elements:


The entries and references can be returned in any order (and with search entries and references interspersed, and the search result done message will come last to indicate that there are no more results.

The search result entry protocol op is defined as follows:

        SearchResultEntry ::= [APPLICATION 4] SEQUENCE {
             objectName      LDAPDN,
             attributes      PartialAttributeList }

        PartialAttributeList ::= SEQUENCE OF
                             partialAttribute PartialAttribute


Each search result entry includes the DN of the entry and zero or more attributes (potentially including only the attribute type names without the values if the "typesOnly" element of the request is true) as defined in the search attribute list.

The search result reference protocol op is defined as follows:

        SearchResultReference ::= [APPLICATION 19] SEQUENCE
                                  SIZE (1..MAX) OF uri URI

Each search result reference includes one or more LDAP URL specifying an alternate location in which the client may search for additional matching entries.


The search result done message is an LDAP Result defined as follows:
        SearchResultDone ::= [APPLICATION 5] LDAPResult

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