Server Storage Key


Server Storage Key is an eDirectory NICISDI Key that is unique to each server.

Each server creates a Server Storage Key which is unique to that NcpServer used to securely wrap other keys for either local or remote storage. After a Key is wrapped with a Server Storage Key, only code on that specific NcpServer can unwrap the key, this allows the wrapped key to be remain secure even when stored remotely.

NICI 3.0#

Prior to NICI 3.0, the Server Storage Key Triple DES algorithm (3DES) keys. NICI 3.0 creates AES 256-bit Server Storage Key.

Any application that uses the Server Storage Key to securely wrap other keys should be able to handle the new algorithm to encrypt new data. However, any data which is currently wrapped with the older 3DES keys should still be assessable without any changes.

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