ServerHolds is an eDirectory AttributeTypes that Contains the number of accounting charges pending while a server performs a chargeable action.

ServerHolds attribute is used when NetWare Accounting is active. Each time a server is about to perform an action that will be charged against a user’s account, the server makes sure the account has a sufficient balance. To do this, the server places a hold against an object’s balance, which is an estimate of what the final charge will be. If the hold is successful, meaning sufficient balance remains, the action is performed. When the action is completed, the hold is cancelled and a true charge for the actual amount is made against the object’s balance.

Up to 16 different servers can have holds pending against a user’s balance simultaneously. When a hold is pending, this attribute contains the name of the server requesting the hold and the total hold amount.

The LDAP DSA does not currently support the Tagged Name. LDAP DUA cannot access this AttributeTypes.

LDAP Attribute Definition#

The ServerHolds AttributeTypes is defined as:

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