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Service - is a mechanism to access an underlying capability.” (OASIS)

Service within Microservices#

Service generally, has an API, which provides its clients with access to its functionality. The implementation of its functionality is hidden.

Service Domain-Driven Design#

A Service in Domain-Driven Design, when an operation does not conceptually belong to any object.

Following the natural contours of the problem, you can implement these operations in services.

The term Service refers to a software functionality or a set of software functionalities (such as the retrieval of specified information or the execution of a set of operations) that can be reused by different clients for different purposes, together with the policies that should control its usage (based on the identity of the client requesting the Service, for example).

OASIS defines service as "a mechanism to enable access to one or more capabilities, where the access is provided using a prescribed interface and is exercised consistent with constraints and policies as specified by the service description.

Service-oriented Architecture Service#

Service-oriented Architecture a Service has four properties according to one of many definitions:[1]
  • Service logically represents a business activity with a specified outcome.
  • Service is self-contained.
  • Service is a black box for its Consumer of services
  • Service may consist of other underlying Services.[3]


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