Service Control Manager


Service Control Manager (SCM) is a Microsoft Windows process started at system boot.

Service Control Manager is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) server, so that service configuration and service control programs can manipulate services on remote machines.

The service functions provide an interface for the following tasks performed by the SCM:

  • Maintaining the database of installed services
  • Starting services and driver services either upon system startup or upon demand
  • Enumerating installed services and driver services.=
  • Maintaining status information for running services and driver services
  • Transmitting control requests to running services
  • Locking and unlocking the service database

Database of Installed Services#

Service Control Manager maintains a database of installed services in the Windows registry. The database is used by the SCM and programs that add, modify, or configure services. The following is the Windows registry key for this database:

This key contains a subkey for each installed service and driver service. The name of the subkey is the name of the service, as specified by the CreateService function when the service was installed by a service configuration program.

An initial copy of the database is created when the system is installed.

Automatically Starting Services#

Service Control Manager, during system boot, starts all auto-start services and the services on which they depend. For example, if an auto-start service depends on a demand-start service, the demand-start service is also started automatically.

The load order is determined by the following:

The order of groups in the load ordering group list. This information is stored in the ServiceGroupOrder value in the following Windows registry key:


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