Service Worker

Overview [1] [2]#

Service Worker are typically a component of a Progressive Web Application and provide a scriptable network proxy in the web browser to manage the web/HTTP Requests programmatically.

Service Workers lie between the network and device to supplement the content.

Service Worker are capable of using the cache mechanisms efficiently and allow error-free behavior during offline periods.

Service Workers are an incredibly powerful, and equally as confusing, technology behind a Progressive Web Application

Service Worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a Web page, opening the door to features that don't need a Web page or user interaction.

Properties of Service Workers#

  • Trigger and keep alive by the relationship to the events, not by the documents
  • Generic in nature
  • Event-driven with time limit scripting contexts and running at the origin
  • With natural endpoints for a wide range of runtime services
  • Have a state
  • With a script URL
  • Containing registration
  • Allocated ID or UUID
  • With life cycle events
  • Have script resource map
  • Can skip waiting for the flags

Benefits of Service Workers#

  • Capable of handling the push notification easily
  • Synchronization of data in the background
  • Capable of responding to the resource requests originate elsewhere
  • Receive centralized updates

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