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We provide solutions to customers large and small.

services.willeke.biz provides the following primary Services:

In addition, services.willeke.biz provides Custom Application Services:

Remote Identity Management Assistance#

We do a lot of work remotely maintaining, troubleshooting and making changes to:
  • Drivers (Connectors)
  • User Application
  • Access Manager Rules
For our clients and for many service providers that are not comfortable with making changes.

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Our Core Expertise#

  • Identity Management Architect with considerable experience with:
    • Single Sign-on (SSO)
    • Federated Identity Management (SAML)
    • Higgins - Open Source Identity Framework (I-Card)
    • Role-based access control (RBAC)
    • Password Management
    • Provisioning and Credential Management.
    • Access Management Control
  • Strong Business and Technical Skills
  • Directory Services Architecture, LDAP Application integration and Implementation, custom LDAP schema.
  • Directory Meta Services: Novell Identity Manager (DirXML), Novell Access Manager (NAM), Microsoft's MIIS
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of Novell, Microsoft, and Internet networking design and architecture.

Domain Management#

We provide Domain and DNS Management Services for our clients.

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