SizeLimit specifies the maximum number of entries that should be returned from the SearchRequest.

Zero (0) implies there should is no SizeLimit on the entries to be returned.

SizeLimit is part of the SearchRequest parameters sent from the DUA and typically is also an Administrative setting on the DSA.

If either the DSA or SearchRequest SizeLimit setting is exceeded then the LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED LDAP Result Code should be returned.

SearchRequest Setting#

The SearchRequest element for SizeLimit may be more restrictive than the DSA SizeLimit setting.

DSA Settings#

The DSA SizeLimit is, depending on the LDAP Server Implementation a configuration option that controls the maximum number of entries that may be returned from any single SearchRequest.

Typically this is a DSA setting vs a DIT setting and depending on the LDAP Server Implementation may be overridden by a per-user configuration. That is, some LDAP Server Implementations can be configured to not enforce DSA SizeLimit limits for Administrative users.

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