Sovrin Agent


Sovrin Agent is a persistent internet addressable endpoint dedicated to supporting the interactions of an individual or organization with the Sovrin Network.

Sovrin Agents are not required to interact with others or with the Sovrin network.

Sovrin Agents could provide services for its owner, such as monitoring, notification, messaging, backups, and interacting with the Sovrin Hyperledger Indy.

Sovrin Agent is a software program or process used by or acting on behalf of an Entity to interact with other Sovrin Agents or with the Sovrin Ledger or other distributed ledgers. Sovrin Agent require access to a Digital Wallet in order to perform cryptographic operations on behalf of the Entity they represent.

Sovrin Identity is represented by an Sovrin Agent and every Sovrin Agent represents a Sovrin Identity. It does not matter what kind of Sovrin Entity the Agent represents—an Identity Owner (Individual or Organization) or a Thing (Natural or Man-Made)—it always through an Sovrin Agent that a

Sovrin Agent Classifications#

  • Edge Agents run at the edge of the network on a local device;
  • Cloud Agents run remotely on a server or cloud hosting service.

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