Sovrin Steward


Sovrin Stewards are Verifiers that have signed the Provisional Trust Framework and are the Validation nodes of the Sovrin Ledger (the nodes that achieve global consensus)

Sovrin Steward are based on the Indy Steward

Sovrin Steward (and Sovrin Trustee) are the only nodes with permissions to write data to the Hyperledger Indy for themselves and others.

The remainder of the participants in the system (Identities) use the Sovrin Steward-operated nodes to read and (via Trust Anchors) to write to the Sovrin Public Ledger. A key capability of Trust Anchors is that they can "anoint" other Entities known to them to be Trust Anchors - provided those Identities agree to the Sovrin Legal Agreement and the Trust Framework. It is through this "Web of Trust", that the capacity of the Network scales.

Sovrin Steward may run only one Validator Node on the Sovrin Ledger.

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