Sprint Backlog


Sprint Backlog is the prioritize user stories chosen by the Scrum Team to be taken to the Definition of Done during the Sprint

Sprint Backlog is the subset of the Product Backlog. Each Sprint, Scrum Team picks the user stories from Product Backlog on top of its stack, the number of user story picked by scrum team for a sprint is based on the average velocity of a Scrum Team.

Product Owner sets the sprint’s goal for the Scrum Team,

Scrum Team pick the user stories from Product Backlog fulfilling those goals.

Those user stories which moved to sprint is owned by Scrum Team as the team is committed sprint.

Sprint Backlog is dynamic in nature, each sprint the above scenario is repeated. Good practice is to keep the Sprint Backlog as static as possible during a sprint.

During each Iteration Planning session, the team returns back to Product Backlog to pick recently prioritized user stories for the sprint.

  • Sprint Backlog is a subset of Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog is an output of a sprint planning meeting.

In Sprint Backlog, Scrum Team works on how the user stories would be implemented in a sprint by dividing it further into tasks and estimating it.

Assuming Product Backlog has stories: 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 and 6. The team decides to do stories 1,2 and 4. As during Iteration Planning the Scrum Team realized that there still some question which is not answered well by the Product Owner, so they decided not to include the User Story no: 3 and jump to user story no:4, which was defined well.

Sprint Backlog is owned by the Development Team and contains what is to be completed during the sprint in each Iteration Planning the existing Sprint Backlog is replaced with a new Sprint Backlog

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