State is the particular condition that an entity is in at a specific time.

State of a digital logic circuit or computer program is a technical term for all the stored information, at a given instant in time, to which the circuit or application has access.

The output of a digital circuit or computer application at any time is completely determined by its current inputs and its State or data.

State can refer to the position within a life cycle

A change in State may be referred to as an Event

Systems State #

Generally, systems are considered to be one of the following:

OAuth state parameter#

In OAuth 2.0 there is an OAuth state parameter

Be smart with State#

Storing of 'State', be that user data (e.g., the items in the users shopping cart, or their employee number) or system State (e.g., how many instances of a job are running, what version of code is running in production), is the hardest aspect of architecting a Distributed systems (Cloud Native) architecture. You should therefore architect your system to be intentional about when, and how, you store State, and design components to be stateless wherever you can.

Jurisdiction as state#

Often others may refer to State such as a US State. Ldapwiki will often use the word Jurisdiction which may NOT be technically correct.

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