State of the Internet-Security Report


State of the Internet-Security Report is a report provided by Content Delivery Network Service Provider Akamai.

State of the Internet-Security Report provides some interesting Cybersecurity insights:

A few of the more interesting entries in the report:
"Looking at normal traffic, this organization saw 7 million legitimate logins over six days. In contrast, the botnet generated in excess of 8.5 million malicious login attempts, with the vast majority of these attempts coming over the span of 48 hours.
Between them, nearly a third of the traffic was generated from Vietnam and the United States, but as Figure 3 shows, the traffic came from a wide variety of countries. In total, this botnet consisted of over 20,000 endpoints on 4,923 different ASNs

"The United States was the primary source, responsible for 2.82 billion attempts, followed by Russia, with 1.55 billion credential stuffing attempts. The remaining countries of the top 10 offenders were each responsible for between 250 million and 165 million malicious login attempts apiece. While there are two clear leaders, this is clearly a global problem."

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